EKITAAB promises enhance school branding as student,parent and prospective employees

In pace with the transforming technology, we made great care in ensuring eKITAAB'S compatibility with the most modern gadgets that rules people’s technological lifestyle.

Our smart phone accordant design provides uninterrupted access to the application from anywhere at anytime.The Android version of the eKITAAB gives a brand new user experience in the latest mobile platforms.The master brains behind this integrated enterprise computing system have developed the mobile version of the software enhances the user experience to the fullest , making it the best choice of many in the sea of software and technologies
Service We Offer

EKitaab is a powerful and robust school management software with mobile application

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    School Over Phone

    The smart phone friendly design lets administrators to view or edit the institution data anytime over the phone. We all prefer more on phones and tablets these advanced features helps eKitaab with the added advantage to its accessibility.

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    Personalizing Data

    Student can keep the full track of homework and class performance with eKitaab . With web or mobile app login they stay in touch of their school/teacher from anywhere. Student may miss the school for any reason, but not the classwork now.

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    Education Simplified

    Regardless of the shift among browers our guaranteed and stable streaming over any browsers helps administrators to access or modify data from anywhere at any time without interruptions.

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    Unique Acedemic Backup

    Everything we do is designed to enable more time for teaching, help raise the attainment of all your pupils and target interventions where they are needed most.

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    Managening School 24X7

    eKitaab service support team is there to resolve any problem you face or any product related question you have in your mind. Customer satisfaction is our prime goal.

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    Priceless Features

    eKitaab is a modern proficient, competent and economical well organised solution to make school staff and parents more productive and effective, by saving their time from non valuable activities. It helps to make the best use of resources.

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