Dacument Management System

  • Introducing a new way for teams to work together work with your team like they're right beside you. Manage team members and their files together in a secure space.
  • Roc DMS is Cloud based Document Management Software is built using modern, open architectures. This makes our solutions flexible and adaptable to suit most business requirements and infrastructure.
  • Our web-based user interface is modern and easy to use, reducing the learning curve for your non-technical team members.It is also available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android users, enabling access when you are on.

The industry sectors we served include

  • bank-notes-2448_bd66c927-7837-4dbf-bc25-d49656dfe619

    Lifecycle management

    Manage documents from capture to disposition with high-speed, high-volume batch scanning and imaging.

  • bank-cards-2445_a1e87fce-3f73-4202-9204-4ad23d9ce522

    Broad functionality

    Includes indexing, check-in and checkout, redaction support, and archive rules for automatic disposition.

  • coins-2452_3800c0d7-bb74-4470-909a-e107b62b50e6

    Any file type

    Store, manage, and govern standard documents, images, voice, video, drawings, and other unstructured content.

  • pos-terminal-2470_861790a4-85dc-4da4-b645-64e5b80247d5

    Automatic data entry

    Capture key fields and populate metadata automatically for effortless search and retrieval.

  • deposit-box-2465_8d0edd4a-0865-4431-b57f-e857a350022b

    Easy retrieval

    Find electronic files easily via a paper clip in Ellucian Banner modules.

  • invoice-2474_16cf5270-ffa8-4c6e-b664-5b73fe167d57

    Automatic disposition

    Complete the process with integrated document disposition from Ellucian Banner Document Retention.

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